Doing household chores

Doing household chores

Title: Nork agintzen du etxean? [Who’s in charge at home?].
Author: Uxue Alberdi.
Year: 2017
Place: Donostia-San Sebastián.
Published by: ELKARLANEAN S.L.
Language: Basque.
Synopsis: The book features everyday situations and obligations that often arise in the family environment. Pirritx and Porrotx peeing in the bath, Pupu and Lore looking after Porrotx, Marimotots taking the dog out for a walk, the dog needing to pee, the house in a mess, making lunch, relaxing, taking out the rubbish, doing the shopping, obeying the rules, making decisions. During these moments and these tasks, the book fosters the idea of joint decision-making and shared responsibility, as the best means of living happily together as a family.
Gender equality indicators: doing household chores; not marginalising anyone; peaceful coexistence.

Title: Lehenengo txangoa [First ever outing].
Author: Fina Casalderrey.
Year: 2006
Place: Donostia-San Sebastián.
Published by: Erein.
Language: Basque.
Synopsis: Gurutze is a carpenter and Andrea is a violinist. They have a son called Alex, and today is his first school trip. On the bus, Alex has a number of adventures. Through this story, Alex and his friends show us that men and women are fully capable of doing the same things.
Gender equality indicators: breaking down stereotypes; doing household chores.

Title: Un tractor muy, muy ruidoso [A very, very noisy tractor].
Authors: Mar Pavón; Nívola Uyá.
Year: 2013
Place: Madrid.
Published by: Cuento de Luz.
Language: Spanish.
Synopsis: The book tells the tale of a farmer driving home on her tractor. The people she meets along the way are surprised to see a woman driving a tractor. When she arrives home, her daughter and husband are waiting for her, with dinner on the table. Her daughter tells her that she wants to be a farmer too when she grows up.
Gender equality indicators: breaking down gender stereotypes; care-related values; doing household chores.

Title: La familia C [The C family].
Author: Pep Bruno.
Year: 2010
Place: Vigo.
Published by: Kalandraka.
Language: Spanish.
Synopsis: The C family is a family which loves the circus. With the power of imagination, they change everyday activities into exciting adventures, effortlessly blending fiction and reality.
Gender equality indicators: breaking down gender stereotypes; doing household chores.