Privacy Policy

These General Conditions govern the use of the GANDERE (Gender Socialization and Educational Contexts) website, accessed through the following URL address:

1. Acceptance of the conditions of use

Users should read these General Conditions of Use for the website. Use of the GANDERE website implies a knowledge and full acceptance of the legal notices and conditions in effect at any moment at which users access the site. These notices and conditions are outlined below.

Moreover, the use of certain services offered to users over this official website may be subject to special conditions, notices or instructions which should also be consulted and accepted without reservation by users.

2. General information

In accordance with that stipulated in Act 34/2002, of 11 July, on Information Society and E-Commerce Services, you are hereby informed that the website was created, is maintained and is the property of the Research Group: GANDERE – Gender Socialization and Educational Contexts, which can be contacted by users at the following e-mail address:

3. User registration

In general, users can access and use the website without having to register. Nevertheless, under exceptional circumstances, access to certain services is subject to user registration in GANDERE’s private files. In such cases, the personal data provided to GANDERE as a result of website use will be processed by the entity under the conditions and terms specified in clause 7 of these General Conditions of Use.

4. Liability waiver

4.1. For contents


The information, both that generated by us and that generated by third parties, which appears on the website is posted ‘as is’, with no guarantees of any kind being given regarding its accuracy and updatedness. Consequently, the GANDERE group assumes no responsibility for any damages generated due to the use of said information.

Similarly, GANDERE assumes no responsibility for the legality of the content provided by suppliers, users and other third parties by any means during the use of this website. Notwithstanding, the GANDERE research group undertakes to take diligent action to prevent illegal content being published on its website, and to eliminate said content or prevent access to it in the event of its presence being reliably detected.

4.1.2. ERRORS

In relation to that specified in the previous paragraph, the documents published may contain unintentional technical inconsistencies or typographic errors. The GANDERE group accepts no responsibility for these inconsistencies and/or errors, but does undertake to correct them as quickly as possible, in the event of their existence coming to their attention.


The links present on the website, with or without advertising contents, permit users to leave the GANDERE website. Unless expressly stated otherwise, the sites to which these links take you are not related to the official GANDERE website, and the GANDERE website assumes no responsibility for contents accessed through them, for any modifications made to them, for any use made of them, or for their technical availability.

In any case, GANDERE undertakes to do everything in its power to avoid the presence on its website of links to websites hosting illegal content or promoting illegal activities and, in general, to those which may violate the principles of human freedom and dignity or which go against the values and rights recognized by the Spanish Constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

In the event of the existence of such links to websites hosting illegal content coming to their attention, GANDERE undertakes to act diligently to eliminate them as quickly as possible.


The information, presentation and services offered on this website may be modified periodically or as a one-off event. They may also be modified freely by GANDERE without said entity being under any obligation to notify users.

4.2. PWebsite operation

4.2.1. PRIVACY

GANDERE does not guarantee absolute privacy in the use of this website, since the possibility of unauthorised third parties obtaining knowledge of the use and its circumstances cannot be ruled out.

4.2.2. VIRUSES

GANDERE accepts no responsibility for any possible damage that may be caused by computer viruses, the absence of which is not guaranteed.


GANDERE accepts no responsibility for the malfunctioning of the website or any of its services due to accidental circumstances, force majeure, necessary maintenance work or any other cause not attributable to it.

4.2.4. COOKIES

The GANDERE website hereby informs users that cookies may be installed in their systems. Cookies are small computer files generated as the result of the instructions web servers send to browser programs and which are saved in a specific directory of the user’s computer. Cookies alone cannot personally identify users, although they may contain their IP address.

Although most browsers accept the use of cookies automatically, users have the option of preventing access to their system by selecting the corresponding option in their browser settings.

5. Personal data protection policy

5.1 Data processing

Personal data gathered directly from the user will be processed confidentially and will be incorporated into the corresponding processing activity belonging to the GANDERE website.

5.2. Aim

The aim of the data processing corresponds to the different processing activities carried out by the GANDERE website.

5.3 Data storage

The personal data provided will be saved for as long as required to achieve the purpose for which it was gathered and to determine any possible responsibility that may be derived from that purpose, as well as the periods established in the file and documentation regulations.

5.4 Data communication

In general terms, personal data will not be ceded to third parties, unless otherwise stipulated by law.

5.5 Rights of interested parties

Everyone has the right to receive confirmation of the way in which their data is being processed by the GANDERE website.

You may, where appropriate, exercise your right to data access, rectification, erasure and portability, as well as your right to restrict and refuse processing and to not be the object of decisions based solely on the automated processing of your data, over the following e-mail address: