Respecting diversity

Respecting diversity

Title: Animalia guztiak ez dira urdinak [Not all animals are blue].
Author: Béatrice Boutignon.
Year: 2008
Place: Donostia-San Sebastián.
Published by: TTARTTALO.
Language: Basque.
Synopsis: An otter in a swimsuit, a shy donkey, a mouse out in the rain, elegant giraffes, etc. The animals in this marvellous book are grouped into families (dogs, giraffes, frogs, parrots, raccoons, etc.). All are similar, but also different. On every page, readers are invited to examine these similarities and differences. Why are they different? Is it their shape? Their attitude? What they are wearing? Their colour?
Gender equality indicators: respecting diversity, self-acceptance.

Title: Arrosa eta leuna [Candy pink].
Author: Adela Turin.
Year: 2013
Place: Poio.
Published by: Kalandraka.
Language: Basque.
Synopsis: Daisy and her friends eat anemones and peonies to make their skin pink and soft. But, unlike the other females, Daisy’s skin never turns pink. Her parents try to force her to be like the other females.
Gender equality indicators: not marginalising anyone; peaceful coexistence; respecting diversity.

Title: Te quiero (casi siempre) [I love you (nearly always)].
Author: Anna Llenas.
Year: 2015
Place: Barcelona.
Published by: Espasa.
Language: Spanish.
Synopsis: This story highlights the differences between the two main characters. However, for the sake of love they must learn to adapt to each other, since that is the only way for them both to be happy. With her brave, unique illustrations, the author depicts a couple who have their own space and their own interests, but who nevertheless care for and complement each other.
Gender equality indicators: self-acceptance; respecting diversity.

Title: Tximeleta-belarriak [Butterfly ears].
Authors: Luisa Aguilar; André Neves.
Year: 2009
Place: Eujoa (Asturias).
Published by: Pamiela / Kalandraka.
Language: Basque.
Synopsis: Mara is teased by her friends, who call her big ears, fuzzy head and holey socks, etc. But Mara doesn’t let herself be cowed. She has the ability to find a positive take on what other people see as a reason to tease her. With her own sense of worth as her ally, she turns adversity into new opportunities…
Gender equality indicators: breaking down stereotypes; respecting diversity; self-acceptance.