Gender equality in leisure time

Gender equality in leisure time

The Hondarribia Campus is no ordinary camp. It is an amazing place with (among many other things) a huge variety of activities and a clear educational purpose.

The chosen theme for 2018 was Gender Equality, an issue that was developed from both a cross-cutting and specific perspective in all the activities carried out. Storytelling, Commissions, The Story of Amaia, The Diary of… and The Equality Notebook are just some of the events designed specifically to work on this topic.

To learn more about the day-to-day running of the camp, we talked to Estibaliz Santamaría, Director of the Hondarribia Campus, and Cristina Morales, Laura Morales and Jokin Idoate, the camp counsellors responsible for designing the activities.

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Audiovisual material, Social